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Pick a screen name.

Select a screen name which you will use as a NeedMe member. Your real name and identifiable information are not used or stored in anyway.


Connect your account.

Connect to your health information by selecting your insurance provider. NeedMe opens a secure channel with bank level encryption to your account and retrieves health information while removing any personal details.

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Experience the Benefits.

Now you can interact with other members who have had the same tests and treatments, or those who've been to particular providers. More importantly you can find out what combination of providers, medications and treatments have the best outcomes according to other real patients.


FAQ's about connecting to accounts.

NeedMe will ask for your insurance login information (username and password).

We use these details to establish a secure connection with your health insurance company. This allows NeedMe to import your health information securely and automatically. Unlike chat boards, this also serves as a protection to make sure all of our members are actual patients.

Do you store my login information on your servers?

Your login credentials are stored securely in a separate database using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. We store these details so that we can update your accurate health information from time to time.

Can NeedMe employees view my health information?

Health information may be seen by technical personnel in accordance with specified procedures, however, this information is attached to a user screen name and not your actual identity.