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NeedMe provides life changing, and sometimes life saving, health information that’s simply not available anywhere else.

At NeedMe we consider ourselves a rare breed of company: a for-profit organization with humanitarian concerns and its core. The services and information that we provide can make an indelible change in the lives of our members who have recently been diagnosed with a health condition.

We believe that what we provide at NeedMe is hope. When people first come to us they are often stressed, anxious and scared. They have seen the statistics and numbers, been told about “survival rates” and have been inundated with cold, hard facts from doctors and other healthcare practitioners whom they have just met. Strangers using strange words.

The information that we provide goes beyond these words statistics and puts a human face on the medications, procedures and treatments that they are about to receive. By sharing information from members who have already gone through the same thing, and letting them know which of their treatments and procedures were the most successful, we prove to them that there is hope.

Even more, we use the real-world feedback and treatment information that we receive to determine what has worked best for real patients, and where. For someone who has recently been diagnosed this info can mean a world of difference and can reduce their stress, and their guesswork, greatly. This is information that has never been available before and can steer someone towards a particular doctor, treatment or medication that has shown better results and outcomes. NeedMe was founded on the belief that better outcomes are seen when patients have real-world, up-to-date knowledge and information. This comes from connecting the people who have already been through the procedures, seen the doctors and taken the medications with people who have just been diagnosed.

Our proprietary technologies are aimed at supporting the health and well-being of all people and we are dedicated to using it to help them better manage their health and wellness situation, no matter what it happens to be.

Our continuing goal is to develop newer, better and more innovative software and technologies that will advance the flow of information and improve communication between the people who have been through the medical network and the people who have just begun their journey through the healthcare system.